Sports Clubs Scout Asian Players Only for the Media

Unlike the previous era, modern professional sports clubs are operated complicatedly as they want their team to perform their highest as well as to increase profitable growth. Many sports clubs are using sports marketing such as advertisement for generating great profits.

According to the Journal of Advertising Research by John Burnett, sport marketing is an increasingly visible and fat-growing segment in the cluttered marketplace. For example, corporations in US spent $23.52 billion on sports marketing in 1990 and the amount of spending is still growing until nowadays. Sport marketing is not only limited in the United States but also worldwide. Especially, Asia market is a very attractive to target because Asia incubates a huge potential to increase profitable growth due to huge population. Therefore, many professional sports clubs are trying to capture the Asia market by using social media programs.

I have always welcomed about how the European Football clubs seek to expand worldwide. In 2004, Manchester United, one of the best football clubs in the European League, bought a Chinese player named, Dong Fangzhou. The news about recruiting brought a huge joy to China because Dong Fangzhou was the first Asian player who joined the England Premier League. Therefore, Chinese companies invested in the team and Chinese started to support the Manchester United by buying the club’s products. However, people could only see Dong in the magazines, advertisements, or during the world tour friendly games. As report by MailOnline, Dong made only 2 senior appearances during 4 years and released by the club.

We couldn't see a Japanese football player, Inamoto, on the field often.

Inamoto couldn’t had chance to play on the field.

a South Korea Striker, Chu Young Park, on the advertisement which was targeted South Korean people

a South Korea Striker, Chu Young Park, on the advertisement which targeted South Korean people

Interestingly, a similar cases occurred with, Chu Young Park, a Korean striker and Inamoto Junichi, a Japanese midfielder when they joined the Arsenal football team. Like Dong, they didn’t have enough time to play and they were just exploited as a figurehead through the media.

Through these examples, it is very clear that the European Football clubs are cajoling the Asian people. Through the media, Asian players are seemed to be taking an important role on the field. Yet, they are only “bench warmers” behind the lens. Asian people need to stop fooled at media marketing strategies.


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