North Korea keeps a tight rein on media

The movie Iterview is the story about a well-known reporter interviewing the North Korean’s dictator, Jung Eun Kim, in attempts to assassin him. Even though Interview is just a movie, the North Korean government overreacted to the movie’s release around the world. Furthermore, North Korea threatened the movie production. Why was North Korea so sensitive to a movie?

In a normal society, lots of mass media such as a daily show with Jon Stewart and a SNL (Saturday Night Live) makes jokes about politicians and celebrities. However, the politicians and celebrities don’t react seriously because they know it’s just a satire. A reason why the North Korean government was so sensitive about the movie because might have stirred the North Korean citizens, leading to rebellion or uproar.

According to the BBC’s post, the North Korean government controls the media very tightly. All the radio and TV shows must be checked and registered by the government before being televised. Also, North Korea only films the story about how great the Kim’s family is. Because of such an restriction, North Korean citizens are only exposed to the media that the government produces or checks. Also, North Korea controls the internet tightly. Only a few amounts of people have access to internet upon the government’s approval.

According to the North Korean media, Jung-Eun Kim shot the gun and drove his own car when he was three years old. Also, he rode a horse when he was six years old. He can play any instruments. For the North Korean citizens, Jung Eun Kim is the only “God,” the savior of North Koreans.

Since the majority of North Koreans has never been exposed to the reality, the North Korean government worries about the unpredictable outcome when all North Koreans would find out the truth the media. This is the reason the North Korean government ardently attempted to block the premiere of Interview.

I still remember the day when Jung-Il Kim, the former dictator of North Korea, passed away. All the North Korean were crying and wailing loudly at the death of their “God.” North Korea must stop manipulating the media and set the North Koreans free from it’s tight restrictions. North Koreans have the same human rights and freedome like any other ordinary people in the world. Even though the North Korean media still tries to indoctrinate people by manipulating the media and truth by, North Korean will eventually recognize the truth. I hope that day would come soon that North Koreans regain their natural human rights. I hope that the day comes soon so people in North Korea stop suffered right away.


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