North Korea keeps a tight rein on media

The movie Iterview is the story about a well-known reporter interviewing the North Korean’s dictator, Jung Eun Kim, in attempts to assassin him. Even though Interview is just a movie, the North Korean government overreacted to the movie’s release around the world. Furthermore, North Korea threatened the movie production. Why was North Korea so sensitive to a movie?

In a normal society, lots of mass media such as a daily show with Jon Stewart and a SNL (Saturday Night Live) makes jokes about politicians and celebrities. However, the politicians and celebrities don’t react seriously because they know it’s just a satire. A reason why the North Korean government was so sensitive about the movie because might have stirred the North Korean citizens, leading to rebellion or uproar.

According to the BBC’s post, the North Korean government controls the media very tightly. All the radio and TV shows must be checked and registered by the government before being televised. Also, North Korea only films the story about how great the Kim’s family is. Because of such an restriction, North Korean citizens are only exposed to the media that the government produces or checks. Also, North Korea controls the internet tightly. Only a few amounts of people have access to internet upon the government’s approval.

According to the North Korean media, Jung-Eun Kim shot the gun and drove his own car when he was three years old. Also, he rode a horse when he was six years old. He can play any instruments. For the North Korean citizens, Jung Eun Kim is the only “God,” the savior of North Koreans.

Since the majority of North Koreans has never been exposed to the reality, the North Korean government worries about the unpredictable outcome when all North Koreans would find out the truth the media. This is the reason the North Korean government ardently attempted to block the premiere of Interview.

I still remember the day when Jung-Il Kim, the former dictator of North Korea, passed away. All the North Korean were crying and wailing loudly at the death of their “God.” North Korea must stop manipulating the media and set the North Koreans free from it’s tight restrictions. North Koreans have the same human rights and freedome like any other ordinary people in the world. Even though the North Korean media still tries to indoctrinate people by manipulating the media and truth by, North Korean will eventually recognize the truth. I hope that day would come soon that North Koreans regain their natural human rights. I hope that the day comes soon so people in North Korea stop suffered right away.


Sports Clubs Scout Asian Players Only for the Media

Unlike the previous era, modern professional sports clubs are operated complicatedly as they want their team to perform their highest as well as to increase profitable growth. Many sports clubs are using sports marketing such as advertisement for generating great profits.

According to the Journal of Advertising Research by John Burnett, sport marketing is an increasingly visible and fat-growing segment in the cluttered marketplace. For example, corporations in US spent $23.52 billion on sports marketing in 1990 and the amount of spending is still growing until nowadays. Sport marketing is not only limited in the United States but also worldwide. Especially, Asia market is a very attractive to target because Asia incubates a huge potential to increase profitable growth due to huge population. Therefore, many professional sports clubs are trying to capture the Asia market by using social media programs.

I have always welcomed about how the European Football clubs seek to expand worldwide. In 2004, Manchester United, one of the best football clubs in the European League, bought a Chinese player named, Dong Fangzhou. The news about recruiting brought a huge joy to China because Dong Fangzhou was the first Asian player who joined the England Premier League. Therefore, Chinese companies invested in the team and Chinese started to support the Manchester United by buying the club’s products. However, people could only see Dong in the magazines, advertisements, or during the world tour friendly games. As report by MailOnline, Dong made only 2 senior appearances during 4 years and released by the club.

We couldn't see a Japanese football player, Inamoto, on the field often.

Inamoto couldn’t had chance to play on the field.

a South Korea Striker, Chu Young Park, on the advertisement which was targeted South Korean people

a South Korea Striker, Chu Young Park, on the advertisement which targeted South Korean people

Interestingly, a similar cases occurred with, Chu Young Park, a Korean striker and Inamoto Junichi, a Japanese midfielder when they joined the Arsenal football team. Like Dong, they didn’t have enough time to play and they were just exploited as a figurehead through the media.

Through these examples, it is very clear that the European Football clubs are cajoling the Asian people. Through the media, Asian players are seemed to be taking an important role on the field. Yet, they are only “bench warmers” behind the lens. Asian people need to stop fooled at media marketing strategies.

Is Goku in Dragonball White?

Dragonball is one of the most famous Japanese Cartoons in the world. Especially, most children in Asia only watched this cartoon as they grew up as a child. Dragonball became popular among Asian children and it has had portrayed courage to them because there were only few super-hero character exist in Asia. Thus, Goku, a protagonist in Dragonball, became a here figure to Asian children as it is presented with Avengers of Marvel in recent days.

In 2008, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation announced that they would be making a non-animated version of Dragonball called Dragonball Evoution. People in Asia were excited about the film and wondered who will be taking a roll as a Goku. Later, people got shocked and upset to hear that Goku will be played by a white actor, not an asian actor. Even though there was a controversy between production crew and Dragonball fans, Film crew proceeded as planned. As a result, Dragonball Evolution was flopped and bombed at the Box office. One of main reasons was that the movie totally ignored the original characteristics of characters.

The original Japanese cartoon Dragonball

The original Japanese cartoon Dragonball

The movie Dragonball

The movie Dragonball

According to the Huffington Post, the “white washing” situation has already begun in 1930s. “White washing” does not set the limit to Asian but also all other race besides Caucasian. Johnny Depp was cast as Tonto, the Native American sidekick in a remake of “The Lone Ranger”. Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt, was depicted by American actress Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra” (1963).

The main cause of “White washing” in Hollywood is that they believe that the movie played by minority cannot make a high standard movie. Also, the industries don’t want to take a risk to cast other races to the main character because there is no precedent that minority race character brought high rating to the industries.

Through the CNN, states that “What disappoints us is that when there adaptations are reset to America, they do not reflect the diversity of the United States. Many people are of Asian decent but are also “totally American”.

As people know, Recent Hollywood movies make profit from foreign movie market. In my opinion, If movie industries stop “white washing” the characters in the film, then they can make bigger margin because foreign audiences might want to see same race actors and actress from the movie.

We Must Ban the Rising Sun Flag in the Media

Imagine that you are wearing a T-shirt with the Swastika symbol and walking down the street. You would feel uncomfortable and want to take it off as soon as possible because people are staring at you, and some are even confronting you aggressively. However, nowadays, we can see many clothes with the rising sun flag symbol, which is similar to Swastika. Most people do not know the true meaning of the rising sun flag. If people knew the truth, they would never want to wear clothing with the rising sun flag, since they would treat it like the Swastika.

According to the Wanderer Online, the rising sun flag was the symbol of the Japanese empire during the 19th and early 20th century. That means, Japanese used the flag when they are fighting in the World War II (WW2). Just like the Nazi Germany, Japan committed atrocities against the humanity. During the war, the Japanese colonial administration brought females from other nations and made them sex slaves for their soldiers. Also, they conducted medical experiments on living bodies under compulsion. In addition, Japanese soldiers massacred and raped more than 200,000 defenseless civilians.

The problem with the rising sun flag is that it since people do not know the meaning behind the symbol, it keeps coming out through the media. For example, Ronda Rousey and George St. Pierre, who are famous Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters, wore a uniform with an inscription of a rising sun flag during their televised fights. Furthermore, The Federal Internationale de Footbal Association (FIFA) published the rising sun flag on the cover of its October 2014 magazine. This is not the end, Beyoncé, a worldwide pop star, wore a dress with the rising sun flag in her music video Video phone, and the Air Jordan, a shoes and athletic clothing brand, released the “Air Jordan 12 Rising Sun edition.” On the edition, the rising sun flag is printed on the bottom of shoes. Media treats the rising sun flag as just oriental design. Through the exposure of the rising sun flag by the media, publics could absorb the rising flag as familiar design of Asia.

the rising sun flag edition from Air Jordan

the rising sun flag edition from Air Jordan

Beyoncé wore the rising sun flag dress in her music video

Beyoncé wore the rising sun flag dress in her music video

Even though media provided opportunities to give a familiar and oriental image to the rising sun flag, it still has chances to bounce back. According to the Associate Press, Andy Hurley, the drummer of Fall out boy, sincerely apologized about his outfit at the Victoria fashion show. Andy wore a T-shirt with the rising sun during the show. From this happening, many public had chance to get inside of the incident.

The role of media is to send information to the public, and the public is easily get influenced by the media. The media must inform the meaning of he rising sun flag so the publics stop dishonoring those who suffered under the Japanese colonial administration a century ago. In the future, I hope that I could find the rising sun flag only in the history book, not in the media.